How Do You Cancel XDating Membership? 2 Efficient Methods!

How Do You Cancel XDating Membership? 2 Efficient Methods!

Did you not enjoy the XDating Membership Platform’s atmosphere? Don’t worry!! We are available to assist you in terminating your usage of that platform by providing details on how to cancel XDating Membership. 

For enjoyment, XDating is an online platform that connects users with individuals in their area or with strangers. You can utilize this platform as you see fit, including for random hookups, conversations, friendships, and meeting new people. 

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Contacting their customer support department via phone (02) or email (05) to cancel your XDating membership is possible. 

Can Your XDating Membership Be Canceled?

If you subscribe to that plan, you may cancel your paid XDating Account membership anytime. Upon termination of your membership, your XDating Account will be retroactively reverted to its free tier. 

How Can I Cancel My XDating Membership Via Phone?

XDating furnishes its users with a support team telephone number through which they can address any concerns they may have. The team will make every effort to resolve the issue at hand. 

If you require assistance canceling your XDating membership and wish to speak with a customer service representative, please dial their customer support number (1 (888) 617-2001 to connect with them over the phone. 

Request that they cancel your membership over the phone, and they will investigate the situation and do so within a few days. 

Can You Cancel Your XDating Membership Via Email?

An alternative method is to send a Membership Cancelation Email to [email protected], which the user can complete. Your cancellation request is subsequently communicated to their team. 

Ensure that the email contains the following information: 

The email address associated with your XDating account is linked to your username and password. The complete date of birth that appears in your XDating file

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get a Refund If You Cancel Your XDating Membership?

A substantial probability exists that you will receive a complete refund if you cancel your membership within the initial ten days of purchase. 

What is the cost of

XDating is offering a complimentary trial to new consumers at this time. Once the sample period concludes, the membership fee will become apparent. Register for free on XDating. 

Is XDating.Com Secure?

XDating is indeed a secure and safe platform. Your safety is, however, entirely in your control. No private information must be disclosed on this platform. 

How Can Customer Service At XDating Be Contacted?

To reach the Technical Support department, please dial their toll-free number, (1 (888) 617-2001, or email [email protected]

Contact us at 1-(888)-596-9279 or [email protected] for assistance with billing.


If you experience unease while using the XDating Platform, canceling your membership using one of the methods mentioned above is advisable.  Other than concerns regarding cancellation, please feel free to contact the XDating customer service team. 

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