10 screwdrivers to include in your set

10 screwdrivers to include in your set

Screwdrivers are designed to remove and insert screws and are one of the most common tools your business will require. When purchasing tool sets, there are ten types of screwdrivers you could require to complete any job quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Flathead screwdrivers

The flathead screwdriver is used for screws and bolts that have a slotted head, measured by the both the width of the slot and the length of the shaft. The flathead screwdriver has a shaft attached to a handle designed for easy grip. The shaft ends in a tapered, square end. 

  1. Phillips Screwdrivers

The Phillips screwdriver has a cross design on the end to correspond with crosshead screws. These type of screwdrivers come in five sizes, 0 – 4. Phillps screwdrivers are common tools for computer technicians and engineers as the crosshead screws can provide a tighter fit and are often more lightweight. 

  1. Electrician’s screwdrivers 

An electrician’s screwdriver set comes complete with both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers which are dual insulated to allow working safely with electricity. Handles can be constructed from acetate with a TPV cushion. 

  1. Pozridriv screwdriver 

The pozidriv has a double cross which allows greater torque to be transmitted when tightening the matching fasteners. The screws are externally threaded and their heads form a cruciform socket.

  1. Torx screwdriver

Some screws, called torx, use a star shaped head for increased durability. The corresponding torx screwdriver has six curved lobes to fit into the head of the screw and allow greater torque. Torx screws are commonly found in computers and other technical machinery. 

  1. Square screwdriver

This screwdriver, also called a Robertson is not tapered at the end like a normal flathead screwdriver, giving the square shape of the head. Like a flathead, Robertson designs are used with slotted screws and have been found to be a reliable and long-lasting screwdriver. 

  1. Hex screwdrivers

These are also known as Allen keys, Allen wrenches or hex wrenches. They move away from the traditional screwdriver design and are most common as L-shaped steel hexagonal rods with two flat ends or one flat end and a hexagonal ball end. The hexagonal fastener is used when a protruding screw is a safety hazard or ruins the design of the machinery or furniture.  Read More Can’t Seem to Find the Right Kitchen Island for You? Let Us Help!

  1. Stubby screwdriver

This design has both a short handle and short shaft for work in very tight spaces. Some stubby screwdrivers have a reverse shaft to provide both a flat head and Phillips design in the one tool. 

  1. Ratcheting Screwdriver

With a ratchet mechanism in the handle, this screwdriver allows the operator to turn the handle without removing the shaft from the screw to continue tightening. 

  1. Mains Tester Screwdriver 

This flat head screwdriver can be used to test the presence of live current. When the head touches the screw or terminal, it will light up if the circuit is not safe to work on.  

Screwdrivers are an essential tool in any toolbox. For more information about the type of screwdriver you need, ask the experts at RS Online. 

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