12 Items You Can’t Travel Without

Traveling takes more than just finding a flight and booking a hotel. Going to a different location requires a backpack filled with necessities to help you while you travel from destination to destination.

Packing for a holiday trip is essential; if you forget something important, your entire vacation can be ruined. Here are some of the most significant travel items you just can’t go without:

  1. Socks

Yes, socks! As basic of an item it is, socks are an essential clothing that can keep your cold feet warm in the plane and in any windy destination.

  1. Portable Charger

A portable charger is one of the most needed gadgets on any trip! Since it’s an age of smartphones and tablets powered by internet connectivity, your device’s battery drains instantly. With hundreds of selfies and videos to be made while traveling, a portable charger is your backup power buddy.

  1. Pajamas

Unless you’re planning on sleeping in your mini skirt and shorts which would be highly uncomfortable, a pajama would provide you with the warmth and coziness you require after a long day out travelling to numerous locations. Take your favorite pjs and save yourself from discomfort at night!

  1. Sunblock

Traveling is all about exploring new places which means more time spent outside than usual. Summers can be vicious sometimes, which is why you must carry a sunblock with you to mask your skin in case you don’t fancy a tan.

  1. Universal Adapter

Different parts of the world have varying adapters and ports for charging devices. You may travel to other parts of the world only to find that the sockets in your hotel aren’t compatible with your appliances, and worse, charging your phone may even become a problem. Best bet is to buy a universal adapter and take it along with you.

  1. A Raincoat

Countries with tropical weather can be unpredictable. Just a min ago you might be enjoying a good tan on the beach only to find out the next minute that a storm is headed your way. That might result in change of plans and since you wouldn’t want to spend your entire day at the hotel, take a light raincoat that won’t take up much space.

  1. Candies

Personal hygiene is essential when it comes to making the most of your trip. While traveling, you’re trying on different food items, some which you might like and others which you might not. The change of diet can result in bad breath, so take some mints with you too and also to give you a sugar boost.

  1. Anti-bacterial Tissues

Food from different cultures with varying tastes and ingredients can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of bowel infections. Try drinking only bottled water, eat in places you’re certain of, and repeatedly clean your hands with antiseptic gel or antibacterial wet wipes. 

  1. Notepad and a Pen

While it may not top the list, carrying a notepad and a pen can go a long way in helping you course your trip. Directions and landmarks can be noted down so that you don’t forget your way to the destination or get lost somewhere. Moreover, it helps you fill in documents (such as an arrival card), and if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re in, you can explain yourself with pictures.

  1. Ziplocs

Ziplocs are useful bags that will protect your food and gadgets from sand and moisture. Since they’re more elastic and durable than any ordinary bags, you can use them more than once to keep your phone safe from water tides or sand while you’re on the beach. That sandwich you want to bring back home can also be stored in a ziploc bag.

  1. Map

A map is a symbolic depiction to help guide you about objects, local businesses, restaurants, hotels, attractions, monuments, regions, etc. You can get directions with the help of a map and explore the destination without worrying about getting lost.

  1. First Aid Kit

Safety first. For starters, we all can be super active, making us accident prone and Band-Aids are often necessary for those blisters after a long hike. There can be mosquitos and other bugs that bite and cause serious irritation. A first aid kit is your personal medical treatment gear that can prove to be useful for you and others around you.

While all these items can seem to be pretty basic, they have proven to be the most useful items when traveling local or international.

Written by Maria

A Dreamer. Who also loves to write, focuses primarily on technology but also pays attention and has an interest in writing in multiple domains, i.e: travel, entertainment, shopping, & memes.

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