Jordan Anderson Named Football Writers Player Of The Year

Jordan Anderson has been named by the Football Writers Association Player of the year for his outstanding performance in getting the Premier League Title for Liverpool. The captain of the team has played a total of 30 matches, despite a knee injury that made him out of the final four games. The Football Writers Association has named Kevin De Bruyne as the second in the vote.

Jordan Henderson managed to lift the Trophy of Premier League at Anfield on Wednesday and he also earned the title of being the third Liverpool player to win the major title in the duration of seven years, following Mohammed Salah in 2018 and Luis Suarez in 2014, respectively.

Jordan Henderson said, “As grateful as I am I don’t feel like I can accept this on my own. I don’t feel like anything I’ve achieved this season or in fact during my whole career has been done on my own.”

“I owe a lot to so many different people – but none more so than my current teammates – who have just been incredible and deserve this every bit as much as I do,” he added.

“We’ve only achieved what we’ve achieved because every single member of our squad has been brilliant and not just in matches. Not just in producing the moments that make the headlines and the back pages but every day in training,” he continued.

“on behalf of the whole squad” and added: “If anything I hope those who voted for me did so partly to recognise the entire team’s contribution. Individual awards are nice and they are special and I will cherish this one. But an individual award without the collective achievement wouldn’t mean anywhere as much to me – if anything at all,” he added.

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