Serstech AB gets order of 5.3 MSEK from its Asian partner DKSH

Serstech gets a 5.3 MSEK order from DKSH, its Asian partner who has to deliver MSEK to South-East Asia to a national narcotics police organization. Order by DKSH contains the Serstech 100 Indicator and ChemDash software. The order is projected to deliver and invoice in third quarter of 2020.

DSKH had added this on a tender in January but it was cancelled in second quarter due to the uncertainties created by the Corona pandemic. The tender reopened again when the police required the access to modern tools to cope with rising problems of narcotics in last few months.

“DKSH has been a Serstech sales partner since early 2019 and has more than 100 years of experience in the Asian markets. Getting such an order so quickly is a testament to their skills and deep understanding of their market”, says Serstech CEO Stefan Sandor.

General Manager, Technology Scientific Instruments of DKSH Shanghai, Cathleen Lin said, “Serstech provides solutions that are well adapted to the security market – the robustness, precision and size of the instruments make them ideal for police and border control users. We expect to continue to grow our business together with Serstech over the coming years.”

Serstech provides the solutions for chemical identification. It has number of customers across the world majorly in the safety and security industry.

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