A lacklustre thanksgiving for many Americans in the offing with a surge in COVID – 19 Cases

With the alarming increase in the Coronavirus pandemic leaving 250,000 American dead recently establishing a record high if infections, socialising on 26th November thanksgiving seems to be a remote possibility. Thanksgiving is an occasion known for community meals and family gatherings and is much looked forward to, but this year it looks as if video calls over the internet will have to be the new norm for seeing each other

 Americans have been urged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep the dinner on coming Thursday the 26th, simple and to avoid meeting too many people. People have also been urged to avoid travel. They are being told to exercise caution and use a mask for prevention of this deadly virus till the vaccine is made available to all. A census data shows that about one third of Americans live in single person households, therefore, Thanksgiving is a much planned and looked forward to event.

A lacklustre thanksgiving for many Americans in the offing with a surge in COVID – 19 Cases

The holiday season and the cold weather are the most challenging for COVID -19 cases, in terms of recovery and new infection too.

Most the states have travel restrictions in place as a massive surge in the pandemic is expected yet again during the Holiday season. A few irate Americans have expressed their shock at seeing so many of their fellow citizens walking around without a mask with scant regard for the others and in open violation of the rules in place. A bipartisan group of Mayors and Governors is imploring people to stay indoors and socialise responsibly if they must.

For the elderly population of the Nation there is no choice but to stay indoors and celebrate alone, as serious risks to their health will be posed if they mingle socially.

This year’s Thanksgiving will be devoid of the usual festivity and Americans are mentally getting prepared for it .

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