Trump’s legal team to continue their fight challenging the election results through January

by Sonia Reyes
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It was made amply clear by President Trump’s legal team that they will continue their legal battle challenging the election results though January. The “safe harbor” deadline was on Tuesday. Under Federal law this is meant for states to resolve any legal issues before the Electoral College convening on December 14th. It was revealed by Jenna Ellis and Rudolph W. Giuliani the attorneys who are representing the President, that the courts have considered election challenges beyond the December 8th Deadline.

The date of ultimate significance will be January 6, when the Congress will count and certify the votes of the Electoral College. January 20 noon, has been fixed in the US Constitution as the inauguration of the President.

Donald Trump has launched a flurry of legal actions in a bid to undo the election results. His aggressive campaign though has met with unsuccessful results so far. All his lawsuits in crucial battleground states have been dismissed. The judges who include conservatives and even Donald Trump’s own appointees have nullified the President’s claims saying they hold no ground. 

                                                   Trump’s legal team to continue their fight challenging the election results through January

In one of the cases in Philadelphia, Trump’s campaign had challenged the authenticity of thousands of votes. They had blamed the voters for casting unlawful mail ballots. They claimed that the voters had not written vital information such as their names, date or address on the envelopes. However all the 5 cases filed were rejected earlier on November 13. It was observed by the judge that the preprinted ballot already had the elector’s name and address and there was no need of writing the date and so on. This particular case is now pending at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In another case, the Trump campaign had challenged the authenticity of ballots that were cast in Montgomery County on grounds that were similar to the Philadelphia case.

It is evident as declared by the Trump administration on Tuesday, that despite the dismissals of the various cases they intend to continue their legal fight right through   January.


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