Actor Jason Segel left L.A. to stay in a’ ranch megacity like it’

Actor Jason Segel leftL.A. to stay in a' ranch megacity like it'

Actor Jason Segel left Hollywood to stay in a small” ranch city”— and he has no regrets. although he’s no longer retired, the winning Time big-name realized he wanted a break from the big megalopolis after How I Met Your mama ended in 2014.

“I was like,’ Oh, I am suitable to do something I want now,'”Segel, forty-two, explained on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel stay.” I’m gonna pass live on this megalopolis and I noway left.”

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall big-name grew up inL.A. and instructed Kimmel, his former neighbor in Hollywood, that he” formerly in a while”misses the megacity,” still no longer true.”

“I like being in a small megacity. Like, I go to the high council football videotape games and stuff and devour a sandwich, which I failed to know if you may do without children, but you may,” he joked.” and I visit the Christmas play in the city and I stay out of doors and ask little children to gesture my bill. it’s authentically entertaining. I like it.”

Segel joked that the children in the city have”no idea who I am.”

“I used to be a bit spooked to walk around. it’s just special then,” the actor said, laughing at how he”walks around” megacity” like a large hen” signaling to every person.

Segel did not discover which small megacity he calls domestic, still joked how he has”quite a many oranges and I have quite a many overalls.”And The Muppets megastar was not exaggerating — he has 21 acres of orange groves.

“I simply tromp through it,” he said.”I am a glad man

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