After 10 Years of Trying Maria Menounos and Husband Keven Undergaro are Having a Baby

After 10 Years of Trying Maria Menounos and Husband Keven Undergaro are Having a Baby

After 10 Years of Trying Maria Menounos and Husband Keven Undergaro are Having a Baby, The family of Maria Menounos will soon be expanding to accommodate a new addition.

E! News has confirmed with a representative for the pair that the Better Together author, who is 44 years old, and her husband, who is 55, are expecting a child together. After ten years of attempting to create a family, they finally got the news that they would become parents.

“We are indebted to every person who contributed to bringing about this wonderful blessing!” E! News hears it from Maria. “Both Keven and I are beyond thrilled to be taking on the role of parent, and we can’t wait to meet our little one! My paternal grandfather is overjoyed to take on the role of paper. (Grandpa in Greek).”

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In addition, Maria confirmed the news on social media, paying tribute to her late mother, Litsa Menounos, who had fought a courageous battle against brain cancer before passing away in May of 2021.

In a statement she published on Instagram on February 7, she stated in part, “I can’t believe I’m sharing this news without her in the physical.” “However, I am confident that she will remain by my side through every step of the process because she was the one who made it happen on the other side.”

The former cast member of Extra, who had surgery for a benign brain tumor five years earlier, opened up about her and Keven’s difficulties conceiving a child in February 2022, saying that she “absolutely didn’t believe it was going to take this long.”

“It’s been years,” she said at the time to People magazine. “We’ve used different services, different people,” she added, noting that she started IVF procedures ten years ago. “We’ve used different services, different people.” “It’s just been a very frustrating process all around,” said the person.

According to Maria’s explanation, she and Keven, who have been together for more than twenty years and got married in 2017, started thinking about becoming parents via surrogacy in 2018. During the process, she sought advice from her friend Kim Kardashian, who had used surrogates to give birth to her children Chicago, now five years old, and Psalm, now three years old. She said, “I was thankful I had her to share and help me.”

However, in 2021, the couple’s journey took an unexpected turn when they discovered that their initial surrogate was no longer a suitable medical match.

She said, “That was a pretty difficult breakup because we had been traveling together for almost two years,” and “We had been on the adventure for about two years.” “She was incredibly kind and amazing, in addition to being very patient with us.”

The alumni of One on One continued by describing their procedure before the tragic news was revealed.

“There’s something called a fake cycle that my fertility doctor offered because we only have two perfect embryos and we want two kids,” Maria explained. “A mock cycle allows you to simulate pregnancy without going through the process.” “The endometrial lining of the uterus would not develop to the point where it would be safe to implant an embryo and know that it will remain in place. This is what would happen. If we hadn’t done [a mimic cycle], we probably would have wasted the one and the only chance we had.”

However, they never gave up hope and continued to prepare for the future.

She continued by saying, “Hopefully everything will turn out okay.” “And the two young brats that we get, I’m going to tell them every day, “You have no idea what your parents went through to get you here!” You had better accomplish a lot of noteworthy things in this world.”

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