Allie Rizzo sports many hats – a model, writer, mother and an animal advocate

Allie Rizzo
Allie Rizzo

Allie Rizzo is a successful model, writer, a loving mother and the latest to add to her portfolio is her love for animals and shelter dogs in particular. She spends a considerable part of her life and time in visiting shelter dogs and learning about their various stories. The background of shelter dogs is not a happy one. They have often suffered neglect and abuse. Animals are most often victims and are tortured and killed. Animal cruelty is a matter of grave concern.

Allie Rizzo
                                        Allie Rizzo

The ASPCA or the American Society For the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was established in North America as the first humane society and is the largest today. Cruelty to animals most often initiates from psychological distress. The ASPCA advocates that animals too have rights and must be safe in the hands of humans. Intentional and malicious cruelty must be prevented and curbed. Allie Rizzo works closely for this cause. Allie Rizzo took her experience and lessons learnt from her tenure as the board member of the ASPCA, to her company Mother of Dogs. Her company provides assistance to the shelter animals of USA. Allie Rizzo has been a key person involved in animal rescues for many years. For seven consecutive years she even worked as the associate vice chair of the fundraiser of ASPCA for the Bergh Ball at the Plaza Hotel. The Bergh Ball fundraiser helps alleviate the pain and suffering of abused, homeless and vulnerable animals all across the country. This event is attended by more than 350 animal lovers, celebrities, donors and community leaders and raises funds to support a very crucial initiative of the ASPCA. Allie collaborated with Bandier in 2019 which is an active wear brand and created a pro rescue line that gave away 100 percent of all proceeds to the local animal rescues of NYC.

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