Artists create a legacy with their music – Rapper Dre Carter creates his, with “It Could’ve Been You.”

Rapper Dre Carter
Rapper Dre Carter

It is often said that art draws on the life and is inspired by it. Rapper Dre Carter vouches by this. His latest music is based on the daily struggles of life and the choices it offers us. Dre Carter believes that every action has a reaction. Life gives us choices and we pick them, so we must be prepared for the outcome of the choices we make.

Since human beings are mortal and perish eventually after death, what remains is their body of work. Artists are really passionate about creating and leaving behind a legacy by which they are remembered. The music of artists makes them immortal since it lives much beyond their death It stays for posterity. Popular Rap artist Dre Carter has created a 13-track album that is titled “It Could’ve Been You.”

Rapper Dre Carter
                                                                                               Rapper Dre Carter

This high-quality album will appeal immensely to all lovers of hip hop. All the tracks are outstanding. The listener gets truly immersed in the music. It is a perfect tribute to hip hop. The music is heartfelt and very warm and engaging. This album displays the passion and dedication that Dre Carter has for his art. A lot of effort and creativity has gone into it and that’s what makes the project so special and endearing.

Dre Carter currently based in Philadelphia had the good fortune and privilege to be born in a family with a music background. He was born in South Jersey, and his father was a music producer and the CEO of record labels. 

Dre Carter’s music comes from the soul. It is honest and unabashed. He does not believe in hiding his feelings, he pours his heart and soul into his compositions.

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