The younger generation has successful VFX artists and YouTubers. Lokesh Khatri joins the bandwagon!

Lokesh Khatri joins the bandwagon!
Lokesh Khatri joins the bandwagon!

The fictional and immensely popular characters of Iron Man and Space Man have all attracted the younger generations. Lokesh Khatri too was no exception. As a child, he was always fascinated by these suits. While discussing with a few people one day, he came to know that these are made by VFX. That was when he started prodding into this and researching about the subject. He went online on google and other platforms to find out about this. He decided that he would become a VFX artist after he grew up.

Lokesh Khatri joins the bandwagon!
                     Lokesh Khatri joins the bandwagon!

Lokesh Khatri gradually established himself into a successful YouTuber. He is popularly referred to like Loki. He became hugely popular when he designed a very high-quality Mark 5 Suit. Success came to Lokesh Khatri at the very young age of 19. The Iron Man suit was the start of his inspiration and what he carried through to make a career out of it. Although he had a lot of passion for this art, he did not have the resources initially to support his interest. He did not have the basic facilities of a PC/laptop. However, as luck would have it, he got the best laptop while he was in class 9 and this set him up for his future career. 

He started building f an audience for his YouTube channel and then there was no looking back.   A 2-3 years course in VFX designing taught him a lot. Many of his co-students tried to replicate the Mark 5 suit that he had made but failed. In terms of quality and expertise, it was no match compared to the one he has designed.

Lokesh is a successful example of the young generation!

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