Evan Zimmermann, American Investor and Businessman announces $3 million grant to UCLA for philanthropic projects

Evan Zimmermann
Evan Zimmermann

Evan Zimmermann is an American Investor and businessman who has supported University of California with a $ 3 Million grant for philanthropic projects.

His Family Charitable Trust and Evan Zimmermann will support initiatives that undertake the causes and consequences of the Holocaust. They will also support studies pertaining to minority protection, human rights and reparations of historical injustices and wrongs.

Evan Zimmermann
                                    Evan Zimmermann

Evan Zimmermann enjoys the reputation of a well-recognized investor and brand growth strategist. Three successful start ups that he has invested in are – Farfetch, Glossier and Rent the Runway. The Swiss auction house Antiquorium was purchased by him in a distress sale for $30 million and it rose to becoming a profitable venture just within a few years. This soon became the largest watch house in the world under his leadership.

Evan Zimmermann supports the research and study of issues related to human rights etc. the funds will ne distributed in 3 research centres in the university. Human rights, with a focus on both individual and collective rights will be studied. The legacy that has been carried forward by the Jewish scholars has to be continued. Apart from the 3 research centres at the universities, partial funds will be diverted to the Jacob Robinson institute for the history of legal thoughts and practice. This famous historian on whom the institute has been named, has been instrumental in working on the prosecution of Nazi murderers. He also facilitated the drafting of the tripartite reparation agreement between Germany, the Jewish people and Israel. Evan Zimmermann seeks to protect cultural minorities and others through his philanthropic work. Working in this field Evan Zimmermann has been very successful so far and has earned the trust and appreciation of many for his philanthropic activities.

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