How should you cope with life after lockdown?

How should you cope with life after lockdown?
How should you cope with life after lockdown?

With the world and India too trying to bear a semblance of the earlier days and life limping back to normal, post the unlock phase, one must be extra careful. It is particularly important to adhere to the Covid Protocols more strictly than ever before.

The pandemic had created huge panic and high death rates and casualties, but the second wave was deadlier as we have seen. With workplaces, malls, restaurants, gyms, etc re-opening people will be exposed to interaction with large groups of other people.

Here are a few habits we must inculcate very strictly after the lockdown has been lifted. We must keep our health and those of our family members as our priority.

How should you cope with life after lockdown?
                             How should you cope with life after lockdown?
  1. Do not move out of the house without a mask and that too a double mask. The nose and mouth must be fully covered. At no point in time should you let your guard down by lowering your mask down?


   2  You must never move out without an alcohol-based sanitizer and that must be used liberally. Each time you think you have touched surfaces that could be contaminated. 


    3  Use of gloves is recommended if you use them wisely. They should not add to the chances of increased infection.

    4    Try and stay away from public transports, public parks, etc as much as possible.


    5  Try an avoid crowded shopping places if you must go shopping, you can engage in online shopping most of the time.



  1. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose when you are outside. If you are without gloves you must not forget to sanitize your hands frequently. When outdoors do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose. 


  1. Avoid spending too much time outdoors. Make short trips outside to prevent the risk of exposure due to long spells of outing.


  1. After you return home, sanitize all your belongings and all your shopping. Vegetables and fruits must be soaked in water for at least two hours,
  2. You must wash your hands thoroughly after you return from outside.
  3. Having a hot warm shower and keeping your used clothes for laundry is an absolute must.


These few tips if followed judiciously will lower your chances of catching the COVID -19 deadly virus, tremendously!

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