How to Get Out of Your Cohesive AI Subscription in 6 Easy Steps?

How to Get Out of Your Cohesive AI Subscription in 6 Easy Steps?

You have not utilized the Cohesive Platform because you no longer require its services. Consequently, ensure a seamless cancellation of your Cohesive AI subscription using the described method. 

Like numerous subscription-based services, Cohesive AI might impose cancellation terms and conditions. To terminate your subscription to Cohesive AI, it is necessary to adhere to the instructions provided by the platform on their official website or within your account preferences. 

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With Cohesive AI, producing remarkable content by merely composing a few lines describing it is now possible. It offers a variety of templates, including Scripts for YouTube videos, a Full Blog Generator, Instagram Captions, and Content Rephrase. 

How to Get Out of Your Cohesive AI Subscription in 6 Easy Steps? To cancel your Cohesive AI subscription, please email their customer service department at [email protected]

Are you interested in learning how to compose an impeccable email of cancellation? If so, then the entire article is required of you. 

Pricing for Cohesive AI Subscriptions

Three objectives are associated with the Cohesive AI Platform. The initial one is its Free or Basic Plan, which is available indefinitely but has restricted functionality. 

The Creator Plan, the second Cohesive Subscription plan, is designed for freelancers and sole proprietors. Approximately $25 monthly (billed monthly) and $15 monthly (billed annually) in cost. 

The Agency Plan, the third Cohesive Subscription plan, is designed specifically for Pro Creators and Growing Teams: approximately $45 monthly (billed monthly) and $30 monthly (billed annually). 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Cohesive AI?

Canceling the Cohesive Subscription is exclusively accomplished by issuing a cancellation email to their support staff. 

  • For that, you must compose an appropriate email.
  • “Request to Cancel the Cohesive Subscription” should be included in the subject line. 
  • Include all subscription-related information in the email’s body.
  • Make it abundantly clear that you wish to cancel your subscription. 
  • Once the composition is complete, please email it to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is A Cohesive Refund Viable?

Refunds will not be provided for subscriptions once payment has been received, notwithstanding cancellation. 

How Free Is Cohesive?

A Basic Free Plan is indeed accessible to users of the Cohesive Platform. Free access is granted to the services provided by this platform. 

Does Cancelling Your Subscription to Cohesive Delete Your Account?

If you terminate your Cohesive subscription, your account will be automatically promoted to the free version. Following cancellation, account usage is free of charge. 

Ways to Get in Touch with the Cohesive Support Team?

For any inquiries about Cohesive services, please contact Cohesive Support at [email protected]

To address any inquiries about the Cohesive Terms & Conditions, please contact [email protected]

In conclusion

Canceling the Cohesive Subscription entails a straightforward procedure. With a straightforward email of cancellation, your subscription will be terminated. This article will be of assistance to you. Please share your thoughts with us.

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