How do you cancel your Luv Car Wash membership?

How do you cancel your Luv Car Wash membership?

Most individuals purchase a Luv Car Wash membership to regularly maintain and clean their vehicles.  Some individuals want to cancel their Luv Car Wash Cancel Membership for personal reasons, and this guide explains how to do so. 

Luv Car Wash is an organization that offers vehicle maintenance services. It offers affordable monthly memberships that are accessible to all. Outstanding environmental advantages are included in their subscription packages.

The membership to Luv Car Wash can be canceled using the subsequent procedures:

  • Cancellation Request via Contact Form
  • Cancellation Via Telephone
  • Cancel through email

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What does a membership to Luv Car Wash cost?

Luv Unlimited Plans and Single Washes are included. Should one not desire to enroll in the membership plan and instead require a solitary car wash service? Visit one of the Luv Wash Clubs in your vicinity to have a single-passenger vehicle washed and to remit a single, non-recurring payment. 

There are three distinct varieties of membership plans to choose if you are interested in enrolling. 

The Entire Luv: A monthly subscription to the service costs $36.99. For initial consumers (for a monthly fee of $22).

A Lotta Luv subscription costs $29.99 monthly. For initial subscribers ($17 per month)

Monthly, a subscription to First Luv costs $22.99. For monthly rates of $10 for first-time users. 

How do you cancel your membership at Luv Car Wash?

To initiate the cancellation process for your Luv Car Wash membership, please complete and submit the Manage My Unlimited Membership Form to their support staff. 

Choose “Cancel Membership” from the drop-down menu labeled “Request.” Enter your first and last name after that. Your email address and phone number follow.

You are then required to provide certain information about your vehicle, including its barcode, license plate number, and date. In the final field, please include some remarks or perspectives.

Once you have completed the form, click “Next” to submit it to their personnel. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your cancellation request form, their team will initiate processing your request.  

How Do I Telephone-Cancel My Luv Car Wash Cancel Membership?

You may also reach their customer service department by dialing 480-690-3301 and requesting assistance with the cancellation process via the Luv Car Wash Cancel Membership phone number. 

While on the phone with a member of their customer service department, request that they cancel your Luv Car Wash membership. Please provide them with your contact information and a portion of the membership details. 

Your membership will be canceled upon their team obtaining all the necessary information. 

How Do I Email To Cancel My Membership At Luv Car Wash?

You may cancel your membership via email to their customer service department if you prefer to do so via something other than telephone. 

That is indeed feasible! You must include a cancellation email informing a member of their staff that you wish to cancel your membership at Luv Car Wash. 

While your cancellation email is being composed, please deliver it to [email protected]. They will respond to your email shortly. 

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Luv Car Wash?

Should you have any inquiries or complaints, please feel free to reach out to the customer service team at Luv Car Wash through the subsequent channels: 

  • Telephone number for Luv Car Wash customer service: 480-690-3301
  • Email their support staff at [email protected] to reach them. 
  • Distribute the Membership Application to their staff. 
  • Navigate to the Live Chat option located in the lower right corner of the Luv Car Wash website. 
  • Develop a Twitter connection with their service team. 


If you are not content with their cleansing services, you can opt for Luv Car Wash Cancel Membership. To cancel your membership, you may proceed in any way specified above.  If you have any inquiries other than cancellation, don’t hesitate to contact the Luv Car Wash service team at any moment.

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