Namrata Pawar introduces innovative methods for the path breaking trend of non-surgical hair replacement

Namrata Pawar,
Namrata Pawar,

One of the names being taken in the list of successful wig designers in India is that of Namrata Pawar, the founder of Wig Villa. Her company is reckoned as one of the leaders in the business of non-surgical hair replacement. Namrata Pawar has a rich experience of 10 years. Hair replacement and hair restoration have been a much-needed part of modern life when people are highly conscious of their appearance and the way they look. The stressful modern-day lifestyle is taking a toll on people leading to several hair issues.

Namrata Pawar,
                                                                                                         Namrata Pawar

Namrata began her career, as an assistant hairstylist in reputed hair product companies of India. In 2016, after gathering enough experience and expertise, she started her own venture – The Wig Villa in Pune. Her company specialized in wigs, natural hair care, hair weaving, supplementary hair products, and hair extensions. The company went on to record an early success and sold 10000 hair products by the end of 2020. Her clients were spread out all across the country. 

Namrata Pawar has successfully created her niche for herself in the field of non-surgical hair replacement.

Namrata builds a special rapport with her clients and is known to be a friendly and warm person. She believes in maintaining a personal touch with her clients and being accessible whenever they need her. A sense of pride envelops Mayur Bundele who is the co-owner when he recounts the popularity and success story of Wig Villa. He says that Wig Villa is not only well known in Pune but nationally too. For all those interested in the non-surgical process of hair fixing, hair restoration or those who are looking out for hair extensions, or regular natural hair care Wig Villa emerges as the most popular firm for this.

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