The Hidden Meanings and Histories of Your Favorite Gemstones: Tanzanite, Diamond and Jade

The Hidden Meanings and Histories of Your Favorite Gemstones: Tanzanite, Diamond and Jade


Tanzanite became the birthstone of December since it was invented in 1967. It is known to be the most desirable semi-precious stone in the whole world. Tanzanite belongs to the group of Zoisite which is a group of minerals. The beautiful blue and purple color also has another property that is pleochroism. Pleochroism is a phenomenon where the gemstone shows different colors from different angles. This phenomenon makes this stone much more beautiful. 

The History & Power of Tanzanite

The stone got the name Tanzanite, dedicating it to its place of origin, Tanzania. There are various stories regarding the invention  of the gemstone which created some desirable symbolism and meaning. The lightning story has given the stone a special effect. 

After the discovery which according to the story was formed due to lightning, Tanzanite has a special power to change any negative energy to positive energy. However, people find this very true because all the emotions get rectified and also because of its pleochroic nature. 

Because of its changing colors, Tanzanite has always been known to have an ability to enhance consciousness and increase mental health. Also, people say that this gemstone brings you good luck and new ventures. 

Why Should You Opt for Tanzanite Jewelry? 

As another gemstone, the whole world’s storage of Tanzanite is only found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro whose area is approximately seven square kilometers. That makes Tanzanite one of the rarest gemstones. It also has various health benefits which treats various body parts including eyes or face, which later on can become a jewelry of lineage. 

It’s a very spectacular gift to give. Also there is no such  evidence of scientific research which can keep the myth and symbolism related to Tanzanite. It’s a precious gift to your loved ones.  Tanzanite is known to be the birthstone of december. The gemstone is a perfect gift for those born in December. You can also surprise someone by gifting them a Tanzanite earrings studs or bangle or necklace during winter, that is Christmas or New year. Tanzanite is known to bring good luck and prosperity, so it can be gifted in marriage functions, anniversaries and proposals.  

2. Diamond

All of us know the variety of diamonds and their purity. The polki diamonds stone is known to be a regal selection for royalties in Indian culture. 

The stone is known for its features and symbolism of feet, love , innocence and purity. diamonds are known to be the stone for the loved ones and as a best thing to give as a new gift. That is why you must have seen people during engagements or weddings prefer diamond engagement rings and bands over any other gemstone. 

Diamonds have been derived from the Greek word adamas which means unbreakable or untamable. Throughout the ages, Diamonds have been used to clean out systems and energies, thus making us strong. That is why this is an integral part of our life. 

  1. Spiritual Healing

You must take this gemstone if you want to heal your body and soul and mind. It keeps them together. Diamonds help your body to restore calmness and strength. Always keep Diamonds jewelry close to you. 

Diamond is perfect for the people dealing with spiritual issues or lost or confused. Diamonds help that person by cleansing your vibes of negativeness and putting back love in your mind. It is an absolute antidote. 

  1. Emotional Healing

Wearing diamonds means it is mirroring your emotional state without changing the emotion that you are having at that time. That is why it is said to wear Diamond jewelry as it carries out negative energies by building positive ones. 

3. Jade

Jade is an East Asian art which is a mineral of Silicate. It falls into the category of Jadeite mineral and falls into a crystal system known as monoclinic. Jade is popular for its diversified colors like red white, purple, lavender and orange. Jade has a beautiful meaning which is health, acceptance and confidence. 

What are the Benefits of Jade?

Dream stone is the alternative name for Jade as it brings insight and positivity in the life of the wearer. Jade can be divided into two parts , Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite stone has a big feature, that is, it motivates the wearer to be best in themselves and believe in themselves. You must keep Jade gemstone close to your body.

Jade symbolizes fertility, peace and wisdom and helps during childbirth. The benefits of Jade lies effectively in different health issues like they rectify kidney problems, heart problems, and in cleansing different fluids in your body. They help in strengthening your body system and also take out toxicity from your body. 


In the above article we learned about various gemstones around the world. Tanzanite is the rarest, Diamond is the most beautiful and purest and Jade is the healthiest. Jewelry of all these gemstones will rectify every problem in your body and soul. Don’t think twice before investing in precious things.

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