Top 99 Best Dragonball Tattoo Ideas And Meanings (2023)

Top 99 Best Dragonball Tattoo Ideas And Meanings (2023)

Top 99 Best Dragonball Tattoo Ideas And Meanings (2023) When you are a true fan of anime-planet and want to express it to the world, what can be better than having a print of it on your skin?

Can you think of an animated tattoo ink that is jaw-dropping and fantasizing as well as makes a mark of your childish nature?

If you are searching for that kind of tattoo, then surely, dragon ball cartoon characters are the best option for you to ink on your body!

Dragon ball tattoos are extremely famous among the people of the 90s and 2000s. Every person who is artistic inclines toward them.

Dragon ball casting Goku with his team of Z-fighters is the oldest animated series of the era. It is not just a tattoo but an inspiration for martial arts, a love for friendship, and a world of space invasions.

Artistic franchises are suggesting this dragon ball-themed tattoo idea to every client. The reason is it made you feel younger and fantasize about the world of Disney, Star wars, DC Comics, and a heap of other TV shows.

Dragon ball Z-tattoos are considered the most impactful and powerful cartoons ever!

The episodes of these cartoon series revolve around epic fights, action, and endless courage. When the children grew up watching these cartoons, the characters of the series shaped their interests and thoughts. So when you have small and simple dragon ball tattoos on your skin, it gives others a perception of being rigid and powerful about yourself.

Want to know how many dragon ball tattoos are there? If yes, then stay on this blog to get a piece of comprehensive information about them!

Take a Look Over the Interesting Story of Dragon Ball Tattoos

Didn’t you watch fantastic dragon ball cartoons? Don’t worry. We have told about the short story of epic cartoon series in this article. There are several seasons of dragon ball cartoons on several TV channels. But the original Dragon ball began with a boy having supernatural powers named, Goku.

His appearance is quite different from normal individuals. Spiky hair with a weird monkey tail on the back makes him odd to others.

The story of Goku is really attractive and enjoyable. He faces challenges and problems in the world with the help of his friends, who give him guidelines for taking adventures. 99 Attractive Scorpio Tattoos ideas with meaning Zodiac Sign

Bulma is another character who is his oldest friend and met Goku in the first episode of the fiction series. The characteristic feature of Bulma is not her strength but her intelligence. She is a scientist and can invent a dragon ball radar, a time machine, and a shrinking device.

The main adventure of this story is to discover and capture seven dragon balls. Anyone who collected all of them will get as much power as he can summon the wish-granting dragon, the legendary Shenron.

Goku and his friends aim to find the Shenron and hunt for other objectives. Like fighting against the aliens to free up the village and competing in worldwide tournaments.

The later series ware merchandised with a blend of Z fighters named Dragon Ball Z. After five years, Goku has grown up with more strength against more enemies and aliens. Many other characters were added to enhance the number of team members with a greater thrill and action.

Today, Dragon Ball has extended to ‘Dragon Balls Super’ and ‘Dragon Ball Go’ with different integrations and advancements and more characters and tasks for Goku and Z-fighters. In addition to animation programs, video games have also been launched that are gaining popularity worldwide.

Significance of Dragon Ball Tattoo

Significance of Dragon Ball Tattoo

Are you wondering how dragon balls can be interpreted as body art? We have cleared your confusion. Dragon ball Cartoon episodes are full of influential messages about being robust and bold. The fallacy of each episode revolves around friendship, power, and hard work.

The anime not only gives a message of strength but also helps to develop a rich character. How can a person be undefeatable in front of enemies as well as soft and lovable in front of friends? This all can happen through better character development. Wearing a dragon ball tattoo can remind you of being kind and unconquerable. 99+ Saniderm Tattoo Bandage

Usually, people are eager to get the ink of dragon ball tattoos to want appreciation and admiration from society and colleagues. It is a secret desire of everybody to be admired and relished.

If you also have the enthusiasm to be loved and cherished, then you must go for the ink of dragon ball cartoon animes.

Variants of Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs You Need to Know

When it comes to getting a tattoo that emphasizes your personality as a die-hard fan of the dragon ball anime series, you must be conscious about selecting the tattoo symbol for your body. Certainly, your wish will be to print a tattoo that is unique and worth seeing.

There are a lot of symbols that can be chosen as a dragon ball tattoo idea. You can lean toward one of them with your favorite ink color and design. Believe me; you will not regret printing neon dragon ball tattoos on your skin! 99+ Best Blessed Tattoo design Ideas Show Your Appreciation for Life

Let’s scroll down to find all the variants and types of dragon ball tattoo symbols!

#1. Goku Dragon Ball Tattoo

Goku Dragon Ball Tattoo

What are your thoughts about inking the main character of dragon balls? Isn’t it amazing?

An odd monkey tail and spiky hair make the boy a funny, curious, and incredible character. You should have this character ink on your skin if you want to get the attention of others.

#2. Shenron Dragon Ball Tattoo

Shenron Dragon Ball Tattoo

Dragons are the choice of every individual. Shenron is the wish-granting dragon. Even some people consider it the god of desires. They get the ink with faith that “Shenron will award them with their wishes”. 99+ Best crow tattoos ideas With Meanings 2023

It is the most popular tattoo design among all the dragon ball characters.

#3. Veget Dragon Ball Tattoo

Veget Dragon Ball Tattoo

If you have watched both series of dragon balls, especially Dragon ball Z, you will be familiar with the queen Vegeta. She is the most interesting character in the cartoon and appears as the dragon ball tattoo among the fans of Vegeta.

#4. Four-star Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Tattoo

Four-star Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Tattoo

It is the top trending tattoo design for dragon ball cartoon lovers. This tattoo has evolved from an episode of the series in which Goku captures a dragon ball with four stars on it for his grandfather Gokhan.

When you get a tattoo of a four-star dragon ball, it exhibits the importance of the object to Goku.

#5. Majin Buu Dragon Ball Tattoo

Majin Buu Dragon Ball Tattoo

This character is a great of Vegeta and Goku. The apparent features of Majin Buu are the eyes with a lining of dark black color and a single digit of fat percentage. She has such a strong physique that her power is higher than Super Siyan. Top 99 Best Spider Tattoo design and Ideas (2023)

You should get this tattoo if you are a great supporter of Goku.

#6. Piccolo Dragon Ball Tattoo

Piccolo Dragon Ball Tattoo

Watching dragon ball cartoons is not just entertainment but a building of perception of welcoming others. Piccolo is the anime that landed on earth from another planet Namek.

The reason for the popularity of this interesting character’s tattoo ink is his physical strength as well as his participation in the dragon ball crew.

#7. Master Roshi Dragon Ball Tattoo

Master Roshi Dragon Ball Tattoo

He is a great fighter with a demoralized personality. The sense of humor is just impressively exciting. Many people admire him because of his sense of humor and love to get his print on their bodies. 99+ Epic Berserk Tattoos Designs 2023 You Need To See

If you also have the same fascination for the character, this tattoo design is for you!

Top Dragon Ball Tattoo Ideas for You

In this article, we have collected some best tattoo ideas for you. Down the page, there are some individual tattoo ideas that you will love as your body art.

Let’s explore the best tattoo design for you!

#1. 7 Dragon Balls Tattoo

7 Dragon Balls Tattoo

This is a simple and cute minimalist tattoo design for people who want to show off their magic and spirituality of them. Don’t you want a single tattoo design? No problem!

You can get 7 dragon balls arranged in a sequence as a larger set for the showcase of the summoning to Shenron.

#2. Goku Super-Saiyan Tattoo

Goku Super-Saiyan Tattoo

Are you a big fan of Super-Sayian, who can unlock the hidden abilities of people?

If you value the character of Goku along with the anime of super-Saiyan, then you can wear them together as body ink. You will surely be praised by the viewers!

#3. Bulma Tattoo

Bulma Tattoo

Bulma is a special tattoo design for girls. She is a character of power, courage, femininity, and adventure. She can get through all sorts of problems and troubles on her own.

Bulma goes all the way with Goku with all her love and friendship. So if these factors are inspiring for you, then this tattoo will stay with you as motivation.

#4. Black And White Dragon Ball Tattoo

Black And White Dragon Ball Tattoo

Getting a dragon ball tattoo in black and white color is the most considerable choice for people who prefer a small minimalist tattoo. The Frieza tattoo is a great option for black and white dragon ball tattoos. Wanna hide your tattoo from others? Then this tattoo design is for you!

#5. Dragon Ball Z Small Tattoo

Dragon Ball Z Small Tattoo

If you are comfortable with neon and watercolor shades, then you can prefer a variety of characters. The colorful outfits of the characters are painted on the canvass of your skin which looks adorable and beautiful. 99 Unique Gemini Tattoos Designs with Meaning 

You might have some problem with having a character from the dragon ball series because of the biased opinion of your colleagues over it. So be defensive!


Dragon Ball Anime tattoos are the most breathtaking tattoo inks for the die-hard fans of the anime world. There are a lot of options for symbols and designs of dragon ball characters and storylines.

Most of them are enlightening and a reflection of courage and stamina. Are you a true lover of all these pretty-loving anime? Why don’t you get one for yourself? Think about it!

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