How Do I Cancel My Broadband TV Now?

How Do I Cancel My Broadband TV Now?

Should you find the services offered by Now TV broadband unsatisfactory and desire to switch to a different network provider in search of a more cost-effective or efficient alternative, canceling your subscription consists of a few simple steps.

Now, TV Broadband is a prominent network provider in the United Kingdom that offers its members contract-free, unlimited broadband. Additionally, it provides various call programs with no monthly fees; usage-based payment is required.

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How Do I Cancel My Broadband TV Now? However, if you change your mind and wish to cancel your membership, you may dial 03300 412473 to reach their customer service department. 

Further information on how to cancel your Now membership is provided in the following article.

How Do I Cancel Today’s Online TV Broadband Service?

To cancel your Now TV broadband online, enter your registered email address and password on the Now website. 

The membership that you wish to terminate is then selected. At the time of cancellation, a confirmation email will be dispatched to you within three hours. 

Do You Know How To Cancel Now TV Broadband Via Telephone?

To transition to an alternative broadband service provider, it is necessary to initiate communication with the Now customer support center via telephone using the provided contact number.

To cancel your Now broadband service, please contact customer service at 03300 412473 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

How Do I Cancel My Broadband TV Now Via Email?

You may also terminate your membership by emailing to [email protected] detailing the problems you are experiencing and the reason for your cancellation. A call will be placed to you to verify your information. 

How Do I Terminate My Now TV Broadband Connection Via Live Chat?

Additionally, you can terminate your membership by utilizing the live messaging feature provided on the website and interacting with a Now advisor. 

Logging into the website with your registered email address and password is all required. Select the live chat option and enter the necessary information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a 14-day cancellation of NOW TV broadband possible?

You may terminate the contract during the 14-day cooling-off period without incurring any penalty, regardless of the reason. By employing any of the strategies delineated in the article, one can effortlessly terminate their Now TV broadband subscription.

How To Cancel NOW TV On App?

Alternatively, you may terminate your Now TV subscription through the application by logging into your account and designating the reason for the cancellation.

How Do I Contact With Now TV?

You may initiate communication with Now TV’s customer service department through either the telephone number 03300 412473 or the email address [email protected]

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Broadband Service At This Time?

Just one year is required to become a member of Now Broadband. Before the expiration of the 12 months, membership cancellation will incur early termination fees.


Currently, TV Broadband is renowned for its service and affordable packages. Its pace is adequate for multiple users and is the mean speed observed in the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, individuals who wish to cease utilizing their services can do so at any time by simply adhering to the straightforward procedures required to terminate their membership.

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