How Do I Cancel My Humata AI Subscription? Try These Two Solutions

How Do I Cancel My Humata AI Subscription? Try These Two Solutions

Well!! If one is looking for a superior substitute for ChatGpt, then the Humata AI Platform is universally recommended. Are you acquainted with this platform? Not to worry! It will be brought to your attention.

How Do I Cancel My Humata AI Subscription? Humata is called “ChatGPT for all your files” because it functions identically to ChatGPT. However, you can upload PDF files to that platform, rapidly generating a high-quality report based on the file’s analysis of its contents and topics. 

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To terminate your subscription to Humata AI, don’t hesitate to contact their customer support department. 

How Does One Employ Humata AI? Humata Costs

Describe your usage of the Humata AI Platform as follows: 

  • Proceed to the Humata AI Platform to upload the PDF file.
  • Processing of your PDF file will commence. Persist for a while.
  • It will then produce a report detailing your file.
  • Additionally, you may enquire about the file. 
  • After that, this AI tool will respond to your inquiries using the information in your file. 

Is the use of Humata AI free? 

Utilization of the Humata AI services is entirely free. However, only limited services are accessible through the gratis version. For a variety of PDFs, the utmost document size for the free version is restricted to sixty pages. 

Take a look at this table to learn about the Humata AI Subscription plans-

Humata Subscription Plan Monthly Cost 
Free $0
Student $1.99 per month
Expert $9.99 per month 
Team  $99 per user per month 
Enterprise  Contact For the Price

How do I cancel my subscription to Humata AI via email?

No explicit method is provided for terminating the Humata AI subscription. Thus, upon perusing Humata’s Terms of Service, we discovered the Contact section, which offers various means to communicate with their support staff. 

Email correspondence with their service team is one option. To communicate your cancellation request, please get in touch with their team via email at [email protected]

They will respond to your email as soon as it is sent, and they can assist you in canceling your subscription. 

How Do I Writtenly Cancel My Humata AI Subscription?

You may also submit your written cancellation request for their team’s attention to the following address. 

Technological Tilda Inc.

Suite 4200-069, 8911 North Capital of Texas Highway

Texas, Austin 78759

America [State]

Humata AI Substitute

If you cancel your subscription to Humata AI, the following are the most viable alternatives you may wish to consider. 


PDFPal, similar to Humata, can assist with PDF documents. You can upload PDF files to this platform and enquire about your files while receiving immediate responses from this tool. 


Users of the incredibly potent AI tool Tactic Tactic can generate insightful data from their generative AI visions. 

Additionally, this platform supports importing presentations, notes, and much more. 

SpinDoc Inc.

SpinDoc is a Chatbot application capable of extracting data from protracted and complex technical files. 

It provides the most pertinent responses from the technical file by converting it into a concise report, thereby conserving your time. 

The DocUp

This AI instrument is incredibly beneficial for enterprises. Performs identically to a chatbot. Any query about your business may be posted on this platform. This instrument will generate automated results. 

Files in ChatMyFiles

Are you interested in safeguarding your documents? ChatMyFiles is the optimal platform for that if the answer is yes. 

You can securely manage every one of your documents using this application. Modifying your files does not require you to be concerned about their confidentiality. 

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Humata AI?

For further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the Humata AI team via email at [email protected] or by mail at Tilda Technologies Inc., located at 8911 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 4200-069, Austin, TX 78759 United States. 

Additionally, a message can be directed to their service personnel via Twitter. 

To conclude,

We are confident that each of you has utilized ChatGpt at some point in your lives and that it has dramatically assisted you. However, should you decide to ditch your ChatGPT subscription in favor of alternative platforms. You may subsequently select the Humata AI Platform.

Additionally, if you decide to terminate your Humata subscription, you may use the abovementioned methods. We trust that you will find them to be beneficial. 

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