How Do You Cancel Your Membership at Moo Moo Car Wash?

How Do You Cancel Your Membership at Moo Moo Car Wash?

Are you experiencing challenges with the cancellation process of your Moo Moo car wash membership? We have now provided straightforward methods to cancel Moo Moo Car Wash in this article. 

How Do You Cancel Your Membership at Moo Moo Car Wash? If you are the type of person who is too busy to maintain your vehicle, then a Moo Moo Car Wash Membership is the best option. Merely selecting a membership plan will ensure that your car receives timely maintenance by that membership. 

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To terminate your Moo Moo Car Wash membership, you have the option of contacting their customer support team for assistance or doing so directly through your Moo Moo Account. 

An article containing a step-by-step guide to cancellation is what we should peruse. 

Can a Moo Moo Car Wash membership be canceled online?

A monthly Moo Moo Car Wash membership is available for automatic renewal. Your credit card will be debited, and your membership will be renewed at the beginning of each new month. 

Online cancellation of a Moo Moo Car Wash Unlimited membership is possible through the customer portal. Cancel your membership at least 24 hours before the beginning of the following monthly invoicing cycle. 

How Can I Cancel My Moo Moo Car Wash Membership By Phone?

An alternative approach to obtaining an Unlimited Car Wash Membership is to contact the customer service staff at Moo Moo for assistance. 

Request that the Moo Moo Support team cancel your membership by dialing their service number, which is (614)-751-WASH (9274). 

Can I Cancel My Moo Moo Membership By Fax?

An alternative method of notifying their team of your intention to terminate your membership is to generate a cancellation letter, which you may fax to (614) 522-6244. 

Ensure that your letter contains all pertinent information regarding your membership and that it is signed. 

How Do You Cancel Moo Moo Car Wash In Writing?

You may also use their mailing address to deliver your cancellation letter to their team. 

13375 South National Road

D Suite

The OH 43068 Etna

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Refund Be Issued Following The Cancellation Of My Unlimited Car Wash Membership?

Once a car wash membership has been canceled, no refunds will be issued. Nevertheless, you retain access to your membership benefits for your current subscription. 

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Moo Moo Car Wash?

Their Moo Moo team can be reached via three different methods: (614) 751-WASH (9274) <Call, Fax (614) 522-6244, or Write at 13375 National Road SW Suite D, Etna, OH 43068.


It would be best if you gave Moo Moo Car Wash an attempt, as it is the best car wash service provider available. If you are searching for a Moo Moo Car Wash Near Me, purchase a membership at one of these Moo Moo Locations. 

If you wish to terminate your purchased membership, please refer to the instructions mentioned above on how to do so for your Moo Moo Car Wash membership.

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