Mukul Agarwal opines that the modern investor has to be knowledgable to benefit from their investments

Finance coach Mukul Agrawal
Finance coach Mukul Agrawal

The twenty-first-century investments are all focused on building a corpus for a rainy day. The underlying stress on all modern investments is risk management, not risk avoidance. The modern-day investor is investment savvy and works towards planning for his earnings to last for many years. Mukul Agrawal is a financial coach who specializes in offering strategic advice to his clients on how to invest wisely and reap maximum benefits from their investments. The maximum investors are found in the bank goods and insurance category. The traditional methods of investment have many takers. This investment strategy yields a fixed rate of return but is not enough for huge benefits.

Finance coach Mukul Agrawal
        Mukul Agrawal

The stock market houses a lot of risks but if you display a patient understanding and learn the strategy then its’ returns are very advantageous.  Mukul Agrawal feels that it is best to leave this planning to specialists like financial consultants who know the intricacies and how to operate in the market scenarios. Finance coach Mukul Agrawal has founded Agrawal Corporate through which he is imparting training and consulting to his clients on stocks and investments. To date over 10000 students have benefitted from his online stock market trading coaching.

He has leveraged the power of the virtual platforms to start his own youtube channel, which is running successfully and has 5 lac followers and continuing to grow in popularity. Mukul Agrawal is a certified stock tutor and used his technical analysis expertise to inform his clients about the best in stock trading.

Mukul has won several awards. He is a TEDx speaker, and he wants to promote financial education and literacy to the masses as well as teach them how to be good investors with investments that will yield great returns and benefits in the long run.

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