Izin Akioya introduces bouquet solutions for Africa’s growing e-commerce

Izin Akioya
Izin Akioya

Izin Akioya is an entrepreneur who through her far-reaching vision and foresight has revolutionized the e-commerce scenario of Africa. Izin Akioya has established her company SAG Logistics to give a fillip to the logistics industry of Africa. For any online brands to compete in the global market affordable and efficient e commerce shipping is very vital for success. Amazon and Asos have created a very good track record in this. This has helped them cultivate immense customer loyalty and a wider customer base. The entire cycle right from order placement to shipping including last minute requirements are to be taken care of efficiently. Izin Akioya has used her marketing knowledge to create effective solutions. Izin Akioya was raised in Lagos, Nigeria which is one of the fastest growing technology and e-commerce hubs. Izin Akioya was actively involved in AISEC International, which is a non-profit, global youth leadership programme. She was on the local committee’s executive board that helped in grooming her for a career through the wealth of experience that she amassed.

Izin Akioya
                                                                                                          Izin Akioya

During her early years she was introduced to retail sales, which inspired her to bring a wide variety of products for consumers. She has a keen interest in manufacturing and distribution. Through her company SAG Logistics, she strives to facilitate access to global markets for small and medium businesses in Africa. She offers efficient and affordable order fulfilment support, shipping automation, and warehousing which is very crucial. Africa has shown a rise in e-commerce through high innovation and high growth. This is largely due to the internet and mobile penetration, demographics of the continent, and the maturity of the eco-system.

SAG Logistics has been recently inducted into the Africa House Unicorn Incubation Programme Plano Texas. Izin Akioya through SAG Logistics is keen that small and medium businesses start depending on their services and is working with great dedication towards that.

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