Yasin Seiwasser, your go-to life coach, explains how one can connect with their higher selves

Yasin Seiwasser
Yasin Seiwasser

‘The Art of Seiwasser’ program of his helps people become the master of their lives.

Life could feel dull with each passing day, especially now, when the world faces some challenging times, where to draw some positivity could act as a task altogether. When such circumstances arrive, people need to introspect, look deeper within, try and understand themselves, jumpstart their energy and creative power to allow the whole universe to again work its magic. Sometimes connecting to our spiritual selves is all we need to unlock the many doors that can lead us to ultimate happiness, success, and peace in life explains Yasin Seiwasser, who is a well-known mental and life coach, speaker, certified in psychology, business coach and has been a German master in MMA, and European champion.

Yasin Seiwasser
                                                   Yasin Seiwasser

Such trying times call for innovative approaches that can help people connect with their higher selves, says Yasin Seiwasser. Below, he lays out a few incredible practices, which, according to him, can change and impact lives profoundly.

• Creating a spiritual realm: When people meditate, they must make sure to create a space, a spiritual realm that would help them want to be in that space and give them the calm they seek in life. This could mean creating a positive environment with fabrics, flowers, favorite music, candles, or anything that could bring more joy to them. Such environments can boost a person’s energy, help in aligning their feelings and thoughts, and quiet their mind.

• Being gentle to oneself: The energy that people are drawing for themselves must serve their souls. People worldwide blame themselves for everything in their lives, which act as a hindrance to their growth and happiness. Hence, it is essential for people to give themselves inner guidance and overcome their fears, doubts, negativity by being gentle with themselves, clearing their minds through meditation, or getting in touch with life coaches like him.

• Manifesting: People must understand the power of manifestation. They must choose to write down things in their journal they wish to manifest for themselves in life. Writing those manifestations as if they are happening in the present will definitely see the magic unfold in the future. Understanding the power of manifestation and finding peace in writing down what one wants helps people get to their higher selves.

The Art of Seiwasser by Yasin Seiwasser helps people in getting to their higher selves by including one-of-a-kind practices and Mind-Body Techniques, which takes people towards the calm and happiness they desire in life.

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