Blockchain isn’t a futuristic tech anymore. Blockchain programmer and developer Anique Hashmani shares his insight!

Blockchain programmer and developer Anique Hashmani
Blockchain programmer and developer Anique Hashmani

Blockchains do not pose a mystery anymore. It is a happening technology and is present in the current times. Blockchains or the specific type of databases, store information in blocks and chains it together. New data is stored in a new block and when this block is filled, it is chained to the previous block and follows a chronological order. This technology at one time seemed complex, but very soon as it came into practice, people realized that it rests on simple fundamentals. Anique Hashmani, a successful Blockchain developer and programmer employs a unique thought process that leads him to arrive at successful conclusions and results. 

Blockchain programmer and developer Anique Hashmani
              Blockchain programmer and developer Anique Hashmani

Blockchain is being used and practiced currently because of the planning and long-term vision of the programmers says Anique Hashmani. The expertise of the 37-year-old encompasses programs based on Web3, Python, and Solidity. Anique Hashmani is well versed with scanner programs to predict new contracts or building new contracts. Anique Hashmani ventured into blockchain technology in 2015 when the cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain was gaining traction. This decision turned out to be very profitable for him and he made huge profits. He used his programming skills and investment techniques to create massive profits for his clients. He attracted many clients due to his brilliant investment techniques.

Anique Hashmani owns Bitasia that attracted VC Funds in the year 2021. Although Anique Hashmani, is based in Japan, he enjoys a global clientele. His clients are based in Canada, Morocco, Europe, etc.

The technologically connected modern world has demonstrated that geographical proximity for doing business is not relevant. What is important is the expertise of the individuals you are dealing with. 

Anique Hashmani has turned Blockchain technology to the advantage of many of his clients and created satisfaction and financial gains for them!

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