Instagram blocks posts containing the tag #sikh and then unblocks it

Instagram blocks posts containing the tag #sikh and then unblocks it

It seems Instagram’s moderators are quite actively monitoring the situations in the country and is ensuring that no violence gets spread on social media. Since farmers are protesting against the Farm Bill in Delhi, the national capital of India and Sikh farmers are leading the protests, there are many social media posts and pictures being discussed on the hot topic. But now a report says that the hashtag #sikh when written on Instagram has a different story to tell on Instagram.

When few people started searching on Instagram for the stories related to hashtag #sikh, they got the message, which says, “To make sure only the most relevant posts are shown, we’ve hidden some posts that may be private or low quality”. Although hashtags like #sikhism and #sikhtemple did give some results on Instagram, search results for #sikh didn’t gather many results.

 Instagram blocks posts containing the tag #sikh and then unblocks it

However, after some time, the report mentioned that they were able to fetch results for the hashtag #sikh. It seems that Instagram had blocked the hashtag for a while and then unblocked it. In order to curb violence or hatred on social media, digital media companies ensure to have strict control over what is being shared on their platforms. The world is made to live in a peaceful state and all the time criticizing and becoming overly emotional over issues doesn’t help anyone including the parties involved in the matter. It is a wise decision for a social media platform to make sure to come up with rules and regulations that serve humanity in a better way than just be a mere money-making platform. We hope that more such online platforms take a lesson from this case on how they can curb negativity from their platforms and keep the online media safe and secure to be used.

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