May 8th is world Red Cross Day

May 8th is world Red Cross Day
May 8th is world Red Cross Day

May the 8th is Henry Dunant’s birthday. He had founded the World International Committee of the Red Cross. This day also commemorates the efforts and services of the volunteers who have worked for the wellbeing of mankind all over the world. The key messages on this day that can be sent to friends and family are as follows: Every human being must serve humanity and do the best he or she can . On this day today let us take inspiration from those who have served humanity and try and do some good for mankind. Those who work for the benefit of others selflessly are the people who inspire others; therefore, it is time to reflect and pause on this day also known as the Red Crescent Day! Today is an opportune day to join hands with volunteers from all across the world to make it a better and healthier place to live in.

May 8th is world Red Cross Day
                                                                                             May 8th is world Red Cross Day

Today we must remember those who served mankind and take some inspiration from them. It is always better to act than to talk – actions speak louder than words so on this World Red Cross Day let us come together to act selflessly! Thank those with a warm heart who have put their lives and happiness before those of others. Serving the community and society is the best way of giving back what we have earned or got so far. It is the best way to show gratitude. The world has many cruel acts – let yours be a kind one! Those who help others are the angels without wings on earth! If you lend a helping hand many others will come and support you – be the initiator of kind acts and good deeds!

It is very important to look within and take action. Let the World Red Cross day inspire you today!

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