The switch from modeling to business has been very profitable for Ted Ranghella

Ted Ranghella
Ted Ranghella

For those of you who believe that passion for one profession prevents you from pursuing another field, will be proven completely wrong by Ted Ranghella. This top model is now a thriving and top businessman. So how did this switch happen? Ted Ranghella was already an established model having worked with the topmost brands namely – L’Oréal, Hugo Boss, Moschino, Burton of London, Saint Laurent Eyewear, and many others. He wanted to carry his passion and love for the business to establishing himself as a successful businessman. Being a technologically advanced world, with many innovative business ideas and products, he too thought of launching something related to smart technology.

Ted Ranghella
                    Ted Ranghella

This top French-Italian model and actor, has introduced smart charger wallets for men and women. This gives them the ability to charge their smartphone with these wallets, either with a cable or wireless. This new launch has seen a pre-order of 10,000 in less than three weeks of its announcement.

Ted Ranghella has carried his style and success from his modeling world to his business world too. He displays the same enthusiasm for his business as he did for his modeling and is equally successful in that. His business venture – The Ted Ranghella Collection is innovative and fashionable. His social media has a huge follower base that is constantly growing. Ted Ranghella feels that one needs to be enthusiastic, one needs to be a visionary, and think of a long-term future plan for any venture. These will combine to make an individual successful in any field. His business is in sync with what he was known for in the modeling world. It stands for style and fashion. The product is useful and innovative, and has the potential of becoming a huge success!

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