Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning “I’m a stitch away from making it and a scar away from falling apart, apart.” (Fall Out Boy)

Imagine a person is heartbroken and sad. What should he do to make him heal from a tragic event in his life?

Most of the time, a person with a broken heart does not want words of sympathy but those which can heal his wounds. At this time, he can onset a healing process by getting a tattoo that can express his feelings on his behalf.

Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

If you are going through the same phase of your life and searching for a tattoo design that is specifically associated with broken hearts, then this article is for you. 99+ Meaningful Moon Tattoos & Moon Phase Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

A broken heart tattoo is a great reflection of the person’s attitude to be rigid and non-malleable to a viewer. The public can also conclude the endurance of hardships by an individual wearing a heart with a Scraggy lining between the two parts of the heart showing to be broken.

Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning Top 99+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

There has an intimate relationship between sadness with a broken heart. It can exhibit for you that you don’t love your partner anymore because he has smashed your heart and feelings brutally. It can also be a reminder of a person who has been lost by you due to any certain reason, especially the death of that particular.

Broken heart tattoos are tattooed in a variety of designs, but you can have one as per your choice and taste. The ink color of your tattoo can also give a special meaning to your broken heart tattoo design.

No matter what color and features you add to your individual, meaningful broken heart tattoo, the significance of the tattoo and the sadness of your life will remain in their place. ZEUS TATTOOS Meaning Tattoo Ideas & Tattoo Designs 2023

We have added some pretty expressive broken heart tattoo designs and their perfect replacement on the body in this article. Must read this informative blog to know more about these healing broken heart tattoo ideas and acknowledge our efforts!

Distinctive Broken Heart Tattoos Based on Meaning Distinctive Broken Heart Tattoos Based on Meaning

Distinctive Broken Heart Tattoos Based on Meaning

Before you decide to put the ink on your skin, you should have a clear image of the tattoo’s meaning. These are some types of the broken heart tattoo based on the distinctive definitions that you need to see:

#1. “Love Is Lost” Broken Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is inked when someone very close to you parts away from you, either temporarily or permanently. The temporary separation may result in the case of any profession like solidarity, army, or any transfer.

Permanent separation is the consequence of a breakup when your lover has left you for any other person. That type of heartbreak can lasts for years, so having love is lost broken heart tattoo can help you heal from trauma.

Love Is Lost" Broken Heart Tattoo Love Is Lost" Broken Heart Tattoo

#2. Memorial Broken Heart Tattoo

What if you loved someone, and they loved back, but the karma didn’t allow you to live together? This type of sadness that is related to a passed one is beautifully expressed through the ink of broken heart tattoo design.

It is a personal type of tattoo. You should decide first whether you want to display or hide it from the eyes of the public. It is not just for the people, but a pet, a relative, or anyone else that you once had close to can be remembered through the sad tattoo.

If you are suffering from the same tragic event in life, you should consider a name or clock-broken heart tattoo for personal memory.

Memorial Broken Heart Tattoo Memorial Broken Heart Tattoo

#3. Modern Shattered Heart Tattoo

Nowadays, there is another type of broken heart tattoo trending on top among tattoo lovers. This is the shattered or smashed heart tattoos. In this tattoo idea, instead of parting the sides of the heart by jigging lines, the whole heart has smashed in the air can be printed as a symbol of “Nothing has been left behind.” 99+ Best Anime Tattoos for Animation Fans How To Pick A Perfect Design

Modern Shattered Heart Tattoo Modern Shattered Heart Tattoo Modern Shattered Heart Tattoo

#4. Other Types of Broken Heart Tattoos

Crying heart tattoos exhibit profound grief.

An injured heart tattoo indicates betrayal.

A fragmented heart tattoo shows the intensity of the damage.

There are many more tattoo designs that will blow your mind.

Varying Colors and Sizes In Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

There are a lot of color variations among the broken heart tattoo designs, from dark red to orange and yellow. They can also be printed in black and white colors. A broken black heart tattoo can signify the death of a loved one.

The heart can be colored in many ways, even if it can shade from dark to light colors. One of the most attractive designs is to get a heart-shading dark red at the top and turn to black at the bottom, showing the intensity of love and hate for the same person.

There is also a great number of sizes of broken hearts. A small broken heart behind the ear can be a beautiful and phenomenal piece of art on your skin. A larger design can be obtained with the addition of different elements, which will make your ink unique from others.

You can integrate other details of your emotions by adding tears, butterfly wings, swords, phrases, names and date banners, knives, or any other weapon to intensify the demonstration of a meaningful broken heart tattoo design. A realistic image of a broken heart tattoo can be gained by the inclusion of blood. Top 99+ Meaningful Religious Designs Tattoo Ideas

Select a tattoo design for you first, and then check for the placement of the broken heart tattoo design on your body!

Find a Perfect Place for Your Broken Heart Tattoo

After you have decided on a tattoo design for your body, it’s time to find a perfect place for it to make it prominent in the eyes of people. The most popular sites for a broken heart are the chest, arm, back, abdomen, hand, ankle, foot, fingers, and neck. All these sites allow size adjustment, so you can get a particular size at any of these places.

Time to Check for the Best Broken Heart Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Have your heart broken, and you want to depict it through a tattoo design? But don’t have any idea which tattoo is best to portray your endurance. Let’s find a perfect broken heart tattoo to get a permanent impression of your feelings!

#1. Minimalist Broken Heart Tattoo Design

Minimalists always love to get a cool but meaningful tattoo with which they feel comfy. This symbol shows a broken relationship or the deceased loved ones. A minimalist broken heart tattoo is placed on the face to make a proper display of feelings.

If you want to showcase a soft and broken side of your personality, then you should get a small minimalist broken heart tattoo on your face.

#2. Realistic Image of Broken Heart

The never-ending pain and profound sorrow are reflected through a broken heart. A perfect shading technique of broken hearts is used to make it more realistic and worth seeing. The intensity of your mental and physical suffering can be depicted through a subtle perforating heart with a sword in it.

If you want a perfect portrayal of your agony, you should consider a more realistic and customized broken heart tattoo design.

Realistic Image of Broken Heart Realistic Image of Broken Heart

#3. Black Broken Heart with Flower Tattoo Idea

Integration of floral design into a stabbed heart can be simply defined as long-lasting sadness and grief. It depicts how deeply you have been injured after breaking a relationship. A healing heart can also be used with a flower bale can ensure durability and healing of your soul and mental health. Top 99 Auspicious Dice Tattoos ideas for Women and Men

The black color can be a great expression of the deepness of sorrow. If you want to signify all these things, you can use this tattoo idea as your next body ink.

Black Broken Heart with Flower Tattoo Idea

#4. Meaningful Broken Heart tattoo Design

The addition of tears coming out of a broken heart showcase a meaningful tattoo design. The dark color lining of the heart can also show the rigidity of your personality. It shows that no matter how much you have suffered by breaking your heart, you have survived, and you can move on now, leaving behind every sad reality in the past.

Meaningful Broken Heart tattoo Design Meaningful Broken Heart tattoo Design

#5. Skull Broken Heart Tattoo Idea 

A skull-broken heart tattoo is a depiction of a relationship that has ended up but is still a significant part of your life. The person has been stuck in your mind, and you cannot forget that special person. The tattoo can also exemplify the death of someone who has been the love of your life.

This tattoo ink is a perfect tribute to your loved ones by adding the banner of name and date or the number of years that you both have spent with each other. A knife in the skull can show the pain of death that a person went through.

When you have the inspiration for that type of tattoo that can show eternal pain, you can get this design painted on your skin.

Skull Broken Heart Tattoo Idea 

Concluding words

Broken Heart tattoos have been gaining popularity as a symbol of the sadness of life. It shows others that you have gone through the worst part of your life by the end of a relationship or the death of your love.

There is great variation among the tattoo designs, their inks, and places. If you are passing through great agony, you can merchandise it through a broken heart tattoo design. Now you have learned much more about the broken heart tattoo design. It’s time to select a design and get a print of it!

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