How Aikarth Purohit journeyed from solace to success in his music career

Aikarth Purohit
Aikarth Purohit

Aikarth Purohit has joined the list of successful musicians, guitarists, and songwriters. His journey was not smooth sailing though. He has had his own share of struggles and obstacles.  He overcame all those with his passion and dedication and a clear vision of the attainment of his goals and objectives. Aikarth Purohit from Rajasthan was drawn towards music as a teenager. His dream has been realised and he is the founder of Baselard Studios.

Aikarth Purohit
            Aikarth Purohit

During his early days, Aikarth Purohit met with a deadly accident and survived. He met various other career hurdles as well, however, he always found solace in music. Music always lifted his spirits and alleviated his mood. He devoted time to learning various instruments. It dawned on him that this love and passion could translate into a meaningful career option for him. As for the preferred genre of his music, his preference combines Rock, Heavy Metal, Neo-classical, Bollywood, and Sufi. 

His work so far consists of several jingles composed in collaboration with artists Baawle Chore and Mohit Lalwani. He has been dubbed for the Bollywood movie “Love Aaj Kaal’’ and the popular Radha Krishna song on Star Bharat is a part of his work. Aikarth Purohit realised that instead of working for others, he would start his own venture. 

His studio Baselard Studio in Udaipur was started as a result of this resolution and idea. Baselard studio welcomes freelance musicians, and ad filmmakers and is a fully equipped music production house. He gets work from metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc, and has established a name for himself nationally. Speaking about his earlier days, when he found it very difficult to explain to people what he does and what his work entails, now the scenario is very different. The audience appreciates and understands music and he is invited to perform at large gatherings and reputed events.

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